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Vision Statement and Core Values


Text Box: Vision Statement
At Bournes Green Junior School, we take pride in the pursuit of excellence, high personal achievement and the attainment of each child’s individual potential.  We seek to provide as stimulating, rich and broad a curriculum as it is possible to deliver.  We aspire to support and develop all our children in an inclusive, friendly, inspirational and enjoyable learning environment.  Through adhering to values of mutual trust and respect, we seek to enable all our pupils to make a valuable, caring and enduring contribution to society.

We are proud of our link to the past through our School Motto: “Strength Through Wisdom”. We seek to gain Strength through displaying our core values which are:

Perseverance, Excellence, Pride, Respect


We encourage children to persevere, even when tasks are challenging, thereby building resilience and determination.  We want our pupils to view challenges they may encounter not as obstacles, but as learning opportunities.


We aim for our pupils to strive for excellence in all areas of their lives to unlock their full potential.  Whatever task they are completing; whatever goal they are striving towards, they should complete it to the best of their ability.


It is our aim that all children should not only take pride in their own achievements, but also in those of their peers and of the school. They should have pride in the wider school environment and pride in their appearance and the way in which they are perceived by others. 


We expect all our children to treat all members of the school community with respect and have empathy for their feelings.  It is vital that children demonstrate respect for the thoughts and beliefs of others, having due regard for their feelings, wishes and rights.  Respect for the environment is also important and we have joint responsibility in making sure we look after our school property and site.

We seek to embed these core values by providing a stimulating, rich and broad curriculum, which supports all our children and provides maximum potential for their development in all areas, in a learning environment that is inclusive, friendly, inspirational and fun.