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At Bournes Green Junior School, our Geography curriculum engages children with the wider world around them.  Children build on their existing knowledge of their local area, learning about the wider world. The strands of geography are woven into the curriculum to provide children with a deep understanding of the United Kingdom, Europe and North and South America. In each lesson, children focus on one clear learning objective which are built upon on one strand of geography. All lessons are designed to focus on knowledge and geographical vocabulary whilst providing children with opportunities to develop key geographical skills such as fieldwork. These opportunities encourage and celebrate children’s curiosity about both the world and the people in it. For example, in Year 3, children name and locate significant volcanoes, developing their locational knowledge. In Year 4 children develop their locational knowledge by locating countries and major cities in North and South America. In Year 5, children start to identify the similarities and differences in different landscapes between continents. In Year 6, children build on this and describe climatic similarities and differences between regions. Throughout the year groups, there are various opportunities for children to partake in fieldwork: children use maps, atlases and aerial photographs to support this learning. This curriculum allows children to revisit key objectives whilst building upon these.