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English - Writing


It is our intent that children are inspired by high-quality literature and a range of stimuli, which makes readers engage with and enjoy writing. Children write for a variety of purposes and audiences, applying progressively more complex skills to communicate ideas fluently and with interesting detail in a range of genres. Vocabulary is also ‘taught not caught’, therefore, the children will have a highly developed repertoire of words at their disposal to extend detail and description. Children will write effective, high quality sentences that are well presented, punctuated and spelled correctly using their knowledge of spelling patterns and rules. Throughout the writing process, our children will edit and redraft their work, responding to feedback from teachers and peers.


At Bournes Green, we have adopted ‘The Write Stuff’ approach to our teaching and learning of English to ensure clarity to the mechanics of writing. Following a method called ‘Sentence Stacking’, the approach places emphasis on sentences being ‘stacked together’ chronologically and organised to engage children with short, intensive moments of learning that they can then immediately apply to their own writing. Within each genre of fiction and non-fiction studied by the children, they will learn to sentence stack, focusing on the style of the author and impact of words and sentences most appropriate for that particular genre.

Within each writing lesson, pupils learning is ‘chunked’ into three distinct parts for a writing lesson; initiate, model, enable. The initiate stage is a time to inspire: through the use of a stimulus, pupils are immersed in a rich language discussion and activities to provide a wealth of vocabulary to aid their writing. The model stage is the chunk whereby the teacher demonstrates the thoughts and processes of a writer and articulates writing choices. The enable stage is the opportunity for pupils to showcase what they can do within particular writing parameters known as The Three Zones of Writing: FANTASTICs, GRAMMARISTICs and the BOOMTASTICs. The Three Zones of Writing are essential components to support pupils in becoming great writers. Through the nine idea lenses known as the FANTASTICs, pupils focus on intended purpose of a sentence. The GRAMMARISTICs allow pupils to focus on the grammar element of writing which focuses on sentence structure, grammar rules and punctuation. The BOOMTASTICs allow pupils to capture and create a vivid visual for the reader through the use of poetic devices. Throughout the writing process, children edit and redraft their work in response to feedback from their teacher and peers.


Our children will enjoy writing and have confidence to write in all areas of the curriculum. Our children will have a rich varied vocabulary at their disposal and have the knowledge to use the correct word choices depending on the purpose of the writing and its audience.