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Art at Bournes Green Junior School is an inclusive and valued subject. Our children are exposed to a great and diverse range of artists who may inspire us with their aesthetic style or their life story. A range of media - like paint, oil pastel and collage - are explored during the children’s time at the school. Throughout their years with us, applications of many materials are taught and later revisited: giving the children a chance to progress and refine their techniques. Art is a subject in which creativity is at the heart. Our pupils are given opportunities to make creative choices and experiment with a range of mediums, which can impact their understanding of the material or the outcome of their artwork. Art lessons are linked to several areas of the curriculum. For example, our pupils make observational drawings of historical artefacts, mix colours to mimic those found in our beautiful natural world and create 3D sculptures dedicated to world-wide festivals. Art gives the children at Bournes Green a chance to express themselves, enrich their cultural and historical understanding and gain skills and understanding in how to create their own art.