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What a great night this was for our community back in 2017...



Thanks to Mr. Wingfield for this fantastic video!

It really does captures how much fun we had celebrating our 50th Anniversary here at BGJS!

Thanks as always to our fantastic PA and to all other volunteers for their time and support. We couldn't have done it without you!


Please find below our latest Road Safety video. The children really enjoyed making it.








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  • REPORTS 2020

    Published 10/07/20

    For those that have not already seen on the Happy Friday email, you will be sent your child’s report via email. The email will be titled REPORT 2020. Thank you for your continued support.

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    Published 25/06/20

    Many new videos can be seen on our BGJS YouTube channel! 

    As you know, the first type of videos we uploaded were STAFF STORY TIMES where members of our BGJS staff read an extract or whole book for your pleasure.

    There is a new Story Time video on there this week, featuring our Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Reddihough!

    Furthermore, there are many other new videos on there as our teachers welcome new classes they are going to have in September.

    So, here is what you need to watch our YouTube channel…

    1. Get parent permission to go on YouTube
    2. Search Bournes Green Junior School
    3. Click on our lion at the top of the page
    4. Now you are on our channel. Click on Videos and you should see the below
    5. Sit back and enjoy the videos
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    Published 05/06/20

    Well, for this half term anyway! Home Learning tasks will continue to be set on our learning platforms for every year group throughout Summer 2. In addition to this, we have decided to share English and Maths Bubble planning for every year group each week. You can choose what you use/ do and this is another option for you!

    Bubble Plans will be put on our website by Sunday evening each week. To access them, go to our website, STAYING CONNECTED, * SUMMER 2 BUBBLE PLANNING. Enjoy you learning and continue to update your teachers with what you have achieved!

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    Published 21/05/20

    Thank you all for your patience in waiting for further information and details regarding our plans for reopening BGJS in June. As you can imagine, it is no exaggeration to say that there are hundreds of factors that need careful consideration and this takes time to ensure that we are doing all we can to try and keep everyone safe.

    Please look at the following chart which tells you when to expect BGJS specific updates over the coming week…


    What to Expect…

    Thursday 21st May (Evening)

    BGJS Staff members to be updated with details of the BGJS plan up to this point

    Friday 22nd May AM

    Normal Happy Friday email for all BGJS children (and their families)

    Friday 22nd May

    (Late Afternoon/ Evening)

    BGJS Return to School Community Information document to be emailed to all BGJS Parents/ Carers and Pupils

    Friday 22nd May

    (Late Afternoon/ Evening)

    Further necessary surveys to open on our BGJS website


    Further information/ documents to be posted on the *RETURN TO SCHOOL page of our website (to be found in the STAYING CONNECTED section).

    Tuesday 26th May

    Surveys to close on website (allowing us to finalise plans for numbers of children)

    Thursday 28th May

    Government update and confirmation of plans for reopening schools

    Friday 29th May

    Normal Happy Friday email for all BGJS children (and their families)

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    Published 12/05/20

    Mr Sykes and Miss Crumbie sent our Year 6 team an email this week...

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  • SECAT UPDATE 10/05/20

    Published 10/05/20
    The plan that the Prime Minister set out on Sunday evening, stipulates that the same 5 rules still apply and previous restrictions will also apply for our schools.
    The schools will remain closed.
    The provision in our Richmond Avenue primary and Shoeburyness High secondary Hubs, will continue from tomorrow. As instructed by the DfE, these provisions remain open ONLY for essential and previously identified pupils of KEY WORKERS, and VULNERABLE pupils. 
    Until the next announcement by the Prime Minister, nothing has therefore changed for our schools.
    Ruth Brock CEO SECAT.
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    Published 04/05/20

    8 May 2020 marks 75 years since VE (Victory in Europe) Day when the Second World War came to an end in Europe. The long anticipated news resulted in spontaneous celebrations breaking out across the nation. A national holiday was declared and people from all walks of life came together to mark the moment. 

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    Published 27/04/20

    We are excited about our NEW BGJS YouTube channel! The link to our channel will be shared in the Happy Friday email from Mr Lupton at the end of this week. The first type of videos we are uploading are STAFF STORYTIMES where members of our BGJS staff are reading an extract or whole book for your pleasure. 

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    Published 16/04/20

    Our Summer term starts with us apart but there is still a lot of fun to be had with your learning. Go to our STAYING CONNECTED section of the website to find out more! 

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    Published 08/04/20

    What kind of stories do Easter Bunnies like best? Ones with hoppy endings! Wishing our community a lovely Easter together. We will continue to STAY CONNECTED throughout. Take care.

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    Published 30/03/20

    This is the new section of our website! The aim is to ensure that you and your parents/ carers feel well informed and still connected with BGJS. 

    In addition to all of the information we have already given you, we will be researching, collating and sharing all of the best bits available online during this time.

    Did you know that we have now set up new Blog pages for each year group on Purple Mash as another way of you keeping in contact with each other? Go and have a look as you can upload your news and photos for your teachers to approve. There is even a Display Board that we are going to use!

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    Published 24/03/20

    Please click this article to read an update letter from our CEO, Mrs Ruth Brock. We continue to wish our community all the best. Take care. 

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