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We have started our term of with a bang!...

We have started our term of with a bang! Luckily not the with the whip of a cane but with a huge delve into the type of day a Victorian child would have experienced. The children were subjected to tasks that would have been set in the 1800s. We experienced copperplate writing with fountain pens; spelling practice with slate boards (the sounds of etching into the slate was very off putting!); chanting timetables to practise our arithmetic; P.E drills; singing chorally; reciting poetry and we completed some artwork based on the famous Victorian artist - William Morris. Many of the children took on these tasks and relished in reaching the very high expectations set by the teachers for the day. However, some found this a real challenge and had to be punished! Quite a few had to wear the dunce hat for a long period of time, on multiple occasions! The posture stick had to be used for slouchers and the cane was wafted around at points. It really did give us an insight into a day that could have been experienced by a Victorian child. 

I think we all really enjoyed the trip back to 2020 so we could be ourselves again! It helped us to reflect and compare on our school experiences. 


Have a fabulous weekend! 

Willow and Birch