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Since the last blog we have been really immersing ourselves into our topic of 'Frozen Kingdoms'. 

Since the last blog we have been really immersing ourselves into our topic of 'Frozen Kingdoms'. We have been learning about the amazing animals that survive in these regions and the adaptions they have needed to make to survive in these extreme environments. Birch have also been learning all about the Titanic and will be using what we have learnt to write newspaper reports about this terrible tragedy. This week we have also been learning about famous Antarctic explorers and the children had to present what they had learnt in an original and unique way. We were treated to a rap about he life of Robert Scott, the BBC news presented from Antarctica with a live interview with Captain Cook plus another interview with Ernest Shackleton, who told us about being the first man to survive an Antarctic winter (see photos).

Last Monday, we had the pleasure of being treated to a lion dance in assembly as part of our Chinese New Year theme day. The performance was incredible and when we returned to class we learnt how to write a simple new year greeting in Mandarin. In the afternoon, we created some beautiful artwork of a cherry blossom tree along with drawing a striking dragon's head. 

As I said in the last blog this is another busy and important term and we have our next round of assessments coming up soon, which will help us to better prepare the children for the SATS in May. We will, of course, be sharing the results with the children straightaway and reviewing the papers so they can learn form the experience. The papers will also be given out at the next parent consultation so you can see how they got on, and the areas they need to focus on moving forward.

Have a great couple of weeks!

Mr Sykes & Birch Class