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It has been an exciting and busy week in Birch class. 

It has been an exciting and busy week in Birch class.  Along with completing SATS assessments we have spent the majority of the week collecting and analysing evidence from a crime scene right outside our classroom. Year 6 have been investigating the theft of a hand bag and cash from the premises. We have found fingerprints and footprints along with scraps of material, a mobile phone, bracelets, lighters and even a stray 10 Euro note. Despite all the evidence, we still have not found the culprit. Each of us has created a suspect profile and a wanted poster based on our investigation. The evidence this clumsy criminal has left behind can tell us a lot about their character and lifestyle along with their height and gender. The fingerprints found on the windows and door have been dusted and lifted and we have interviewed staff and dissected a witness statement to help us find the perpetrator! 


"This week we were doing practise SATs papers and investigating a crime scene. We were trying to find the person who stole Mrs Garner's handbag. Finding fingerprints and evidence was really fun." - Louie Morrison