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It has been a busy first week (and a bit) of the new school year.

It has been a busy first week (and a bit) of the new school year. Speaking personally, as a new member of staff at Bournes Green I would like to thank all the members of Birch class for making me feel so welcome and for helping me get used to a whole number of new routines, timings and educating me on  number of 'BGJS isms'. I can now confidently tell people I know how to find Whisper World and play Foursquare so I am getting there slowly. 

Our learning has been focused around our topic of ID and we have had some excellent discussions about what makes 'you', 'you'. We thought deeply about our own personality and described our likes, dislikes, opinions an beliefs. Then we used these descriptions to create a new person. John or Jane Doe is a composite of different class members' identities and we and we described what he / she would be like in our English lessons. During our topic lessons we have been looking at the topic of nature vs nurture. We have been learning about what characteristics are inherited and which are a product of our environment. Afterwards we had a lively class debate where we discussed whether characteristics such as IQ, personality, appearance, sense of humour and even food preferences are nature or nurture or even bit of both.

Some of the children have shared their summer homework task which was set as preparation for this fascinating topic and it has been lovely to hear about the research they have carried out into their family tree, their fingerprints or some other aspect of their own identity. 

Delving deeper int our topic in the past few days we have been learning all about fingerprints and we will be using different sources of information to write an information report later this week. We have also used our PE time to carry out physical challenges such as long jump, sprints, throwing and distance running to generate data we can analyse. 

Year 6 will be choosing their monitor responsibilities for the year this week and there will be important roles allocated for any children that are interested. Potential House Captains will make speeches soon and we have asked that any children that interested in applying think about what skills and attributes make them a great candidate over the net few days. Perhaps this is something you can help them with at home by discussing what makes a good leader.

Have a  great couple of weeks!

Mr Sykes & Birch class