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This week, Willow have been investigating a crime!

This week, Willow have been investigating a crime! On Friday, a mysterious figure, who we believe could be 174cm tall, broke into our class and stole Mrs Garner's handbag! We have found an enormous amount of evidence but we still have not found the culprit! Our evidence showed that they are very clumsy because they dropped a lot of items. This evidence left can tell us about their character and lifestyle! We also found fingerprints on the windows and door, which we dusted and lifted, and have gathered information to help us find the suspect! One of our main suspects was Mr Flynn, our site manager. A few children went to question him. He read a note to the children that he sent to the police of Essex. We have also stopped contamination by wearing foot protectors and gloves.


We hope to catch the criminal soon!


Tristan, Rupert and Willow