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Again, another busy and brilliant week for Beech Class...


Again, another busy and brilliant week for Beech Class. This week has been enterprise week and we have been lucky enough to have a few visitors come and talk to us. These have included; an estate agent, a policeman and a printer! They have shared so much information with us about their interesting careers and inspired us to think carefully about what job we want to have in the future. We have enjoyed thinking about who inspires us. Izzy from Beech class learnt that “there are loads of amazing jobs in the world today. It doesn’t matter if you are good at something, it matters if you like it.” Blake enjoyed learning about the hard work these people had to do to get to where they want, “The people had to do lots of training to become what they are, sometimes it could be a bit tough.”


This week we have also been looking at creating our own mythical beasts.  Ahhh! We have been using our scary descriptions to entice readers and bring our characters to life. Take a look at our quick two-minute drawings of our monsters shown in the photos below. The children have loved being able to use their fantastic imaginations to write about their beasts; considering them head to toe (or claw, should I say?). Izzy and Blake said, “Some of the monsters were scary, really, really scary and some of them not so scary. I enjoyed creating the monsters because it was fun thinking about their personality and what they looked like.”

Over the next few weeks we are going to be looking into creating our own mythical stories, how exciting.


Thanks for reading!