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Before half term, Beech class were lucky enough to visit the Southend Planetarium...

What a busy few weeks! Before half term, Beech class were lucky enough to visit the Southend Planetarium. We learnt many exciting things about the solar system and also some of the Greek astronomy ideas from many years ago. Check out some of the photos of us exploring the museum. Elektra from Beech class had this to say, “I really enjoyed the planetarium because it had a lot of information about planets that I hadn’t heard of before. I liked being in the play as the Princess Ariadne from Theseus and the Minotaur story. I enjoyed it because it was different to what we normally do and the story was great to learn about.” The visit linked really well to our work on Greek mythology. In English we have been focusing on different myths; exploring the story, characters and how to present our learning. A drama piece was a way in which we could further to learn about the characters. The childrens’ performances were remarkable and thoroughly enjoyable to watch! Melody from Beech class said, “I have particularly enjoyed the museum because I learnt lots of factual information. I have also enjoyed learning about the Greek myths because the videos are fascinating to watch and the story maps were fun to make.”


This week we have also began our art and space project. Each week we are looking at a different media to work with. We began with marbelling. The pieces of work produced were outstanding and they are going to make some incredible looking planets. See some of the photos below. We are all looking forward to continuing these!


Miss Cook