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Well, it seems Beech class' adventures have continued since we have been back from Stubbers.

Well, it seems Beech class' adventures have continued since we have been back from Stubbers. What an exciting couple of weeks! We had an excellent time in class using a range of artefacts to discover what we thought life was for Ancient Greeks. Check out some photos down below. The children became archaeologists examining the pieces to see what information they could infer from them. In the next couple of weeks we will be using this knowledge to design our own Greek pots! Casey shared his thoughts on our topic work, “‘When we were passing around all the different Greek stuff, I was paired up with Oliver and our first artefact was either a bib or an apron. Passing around all these different things was great because we got to see all the different things the Greeks might have used.”


Also this week we were lucky enough to celebrate Black History Month through traditional African dancing and an afternoon featuring Harriet Tubman, a very brave lady who helped many slaves escape horrific slavery. We celebrated her triumphs and admired her strength through creating leaflets advertising her work with the Underground Railroad. We imagined that she was still alive and that the Underground Railroad was almost like a charity. We hope that by learning about the amazing work she did, we have shown her the respect she deserves. Casey said “In computing, we were working on Harriet Tubman leaflets and lots of people did so good and some were printed out for us to look at. What I am quite excited about is that some of the fantastic pieces will get shown to Miss Giles and Mr Lupton.”


Amelie shared what she learnt during Black History week “Harriet Tubman was born into a family of slaves and escaped. We really enjoyed learning about her because she was a really brave person who saved herself and helped hundreds of strangers.” She also told me about how much she loves our music lessons, “I like brass, it’s fun! It’s nice learning it because you have to make a silly noise to make any sound.”


Beech class have continued to love their brass music lessons on a Friday afternoon. The photos show us practising our skills with a pencil before having a go on our own instruments. Such a treat to end the week.


Casey also enjoyed brass, he said “Brass was a great experience for me because I am now learning to play the trombone, it is another instrument that I can master.”


Another excellent couple of weeks Beech class. I can’t wait to see what the next two bring!