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Beech class had the best time at Stubbers last week! What an adventure! The class were exceptional throughout and should be so proud of how they represented the school.

The children revelled in the activities they attempted and completed, including; sailing, archery, kayaking, high ropes, all terrain and raft building; to name a few. Not only did they learn and use the physical skills needed in these activities, like balance and aim, but they improved on their whole selves. Each child took their fear in their stride and conquered the tasks that they thought challenging with perseverance and bravery. They should be so proud of themselves for overcoming these completely rational fears, I know I am beyond proud. Some ventured down into the dark, gloomy tunnels whilst others took a leap of faith at the very top of the high ropes course. There were lots of smiles and laughs throughout and after all the activities!


India in Beech class said:

“All terrain was really fun because you went down super-fast it felt like you were on a rollercoaster. High ropes was scary but once you came off of it, it was a relief and I felt very proud of myself for completing it all. You couldn’t see anything when we were tunnelling so you had to feel your way through. It was really confusing and sometimes worrying when you couldn’t feel the people in front of you, but I am really glad I did it.”


As well as fabulous daytime activities the evenings were also jam packed with fun! From a relaxing nature walk and crazy games on our first night to the raging campfire featuring toasted marshmallows on our second night. The children had the time to enjoy the surroundings with their peers and the teachers, who also absolutely loved getting to spend time with the children outside of school.


Toby and Adam from Beech class said:

“The campfire was really good we enjoyed the marshmallows and making friends. Mr Cotton, we enjoyed your Stubber’s specials! The meals were astounding and tasted gorgeous, we really liked the cake! We were really happy to do sailing and we were really sad when it finished. I (Toby) thought kayaking was the best because we were allowed to jump in and the water was actually quite warm. Raft building has shown me (Adam) how hard it would be to have a job out on the sea! It shows how if you work as a team you can get the job done. We would really love to go back again!”


Not only did the children work hard to push their own boundaries but for many of the activities, the children had to work as a team to achieve them. They were excellent at encouraging each other and supporting everybody in their group. They used their communication skills and their friendly personalities to put each other at ease and ensure that everyone felt supported. These are the invaluable memories and something that has built friendships across our class.


So, thank you so much to Beech class, for being incredible on our trip to Stubbers. Miss Giles, Miss Johnson, Mrs Harley and myself found it a real pleasure to take you on the trip. I would also like to say a massive thank you to the staff who came with us, we couldn’t have done it without you! I look forward to reminiscing on the fantastic memories we have made throughout the year and know that these memories will stay with you all for many years to come!


Miss Cook