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Year 6 have had an amazing day at the Tower of London..

Year 6 have had an amazing day at the Tower of London, immersing themselves into all things Medieval! We had a fantastic workshop, lead by a brilliant historian called Toby, who taught us all about how the Tower was first established back in 1066 by William the Conqueror. We were also very lucky to be taken on an exclusive tour around the vault of the Crown Jewels, thanks to Mr Read, one of our lovely parents! We were blown away by the amount of gold and precious stones… not to mention the size of the doors behind which they were kept! To finish, we visited a torture chamber, where we saw some of the gruesome ways in which prisoners were punished and killed during their time there. Fascinating!

The children behaved superbly and all in all, we had a wonderful day out!

Miss Crumbie and Miss Niemann