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Our first week back of Spring 2 has been a wonderfully manic one. 

Our first week back of Spring 2 has been a wonderfully manic one. On Thursday we travelled back in time to 1939. The children looked absolutely fantastic in all of their evacuee and wartime clothing as we visited Lincolnsfield children’s centre. The day was filled to the brim with four fabulous activities; a school, a 1940s house, the Blitz experience and a Dig for Victory campaign. The volunteers at the centre were incredible and gave the children a real sense of being stuck in a different century. They shared lots of really interesting information and facts, like how they used to store food in the kitchen and make a pretend wedding cake because of rationing. Some of us got into trouble with the school teacher who scared us all with her brutal facts about school punishment during wartime. The Blitz experience gave us a small insight into how horrifying it would be to leave a shelter and see the destruction around you. The children remained in good spirit throughout the day, even though most of us couldn’t feel our toes because it was freezing. We were grateful to be back in 2018 when we returned to school.

The end of the week finished with the Dance Festival. It was lovely to celebrate the achievements of many schools around Southend and appreciate their unique dance routines. Year five performed their ‘You Make my Dreams’ dance, that they had been working really hard on for the last few weeks. They were brilliant. It was fantastic to watch and it made Miss Geary and myself incredibly proud. Well done!


A great start to this half term and the fun is just beginning…

Thanks for reading!

Miss Cook