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Well, Beech class have been starting the year 2018 with a bang...

Well, Beech class have been starting the year 2018 with a bang. We have jumped straight into our new topic of Britain since the 1930’s. ‘We started the topic by sticking sticky notes on the board about what we already know and what we would like to know.’ said Lewis. For the last week we have been conducting our own research to try and find some interesting facts about the era.  Oscar found out that “Kids used to eat carrots on sticks!” and Adam thought “they ate it like cotton candy!” The children have also been looking at the artist Lowry during art, this aimed to give us some more information about the past times and what life was like. We also were able to practise our transcription skills and composition sketching. You can see some of us working hard to achieve a masterpiece in our photos. Emily in Beech said, “We sketched L.S. Lowry pictures of ‘Britain at play’, I enjoyed it and I am happy with my piece.”


This week in Maths we have been looking at Roman Numerals. Beech class have had lots of fun converting them and working out what they mean, almost like code cracking. We also worked in pairs to try and create roman numeral questions to challenge each other. You can see some of us working them out in the photos too.

Not only did we use them for sums, some of us also had a go at converting important dates from our topic work! Overall, some fun and impressive work seen from Beech class in 2018. Let’s hope it continues.