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Hazel Class love Maths and being able to challenge themselves and show what they are capable

Hazel Class love Maths and being able to challenge themselves and show what they are capable. They love learning new things and really testing their brains!


Recently, we have been working on multiplication and division.  The children have been using formal methods effectively, focusing on their layout and how to set out their calculations neatly to ensure accuracy. During our work on multiplication, they have been using short and long multiplication superbly and explaining their methods using mathematical language and reasoning.  With regards to Division, they have been working on short division and focusing on how to write the remainder (including writing it as a fraction and a decimal). 


When we worked on problem solving, the children had to apply their understanding to different problems.  We had a great discussion about remainders at this point and putting the problem into context.  Some of the problems involved multi-steps where the children had to use different methods and really think about their strategy and approach.


In one of our lessons, the children were given some very challenging problems and they worked collaboratively to solve them.  It was such a great lesson and it was music to my ears when I heard so much “Maths talk” going on in the classroom.  The children definitely discussed their work and how to tackle the problems effectively and as a team.  This has given children great confidence and when faced with different problems the following day, they were raring to go!


It was such a successful lesson.

Well done children.