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Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greeks...

Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greeks and have produced wonderful work across a range of Curriculum areas.  Recently, they have been producing work inspired by the Ancient Greek art and Ancient Greek pottery.


In Computing, they researched the different types of Greek pottery and the names and uses of the particular vases, bowls and dishes.  For example, they learned that the Amphora is a tall vase with two handles and it was used for carrying and storing solids and liquids and that a Lekanis was a small, shallow bowl used by women for storing jewellery and trinkets.  It was lovely to think about how the Ancient Greeks would have used these beautiful items in their everyday life.


During an Art lesson, we studied the particular designs that appeared on the Greek potter and looked at how the images could be used to learn about life in Ancient Greece. We thought about how the myths, which we have enjoyed learning about, are represented on the Greek pottery as well as their day to day life.  We then produced our own design for a Greek pot, thinking about Greek pattern and imagery.  Our finished work is absolutely wonderful and we are so proud of how they look in the classroom.


After producing a 2D piece of art of our Greek pottery, we produced a 3D clay pot.  We thought about the different types of pottery which we had researched during Computing and what we wanted to sculpt.  Some of us created jugs, whilst others made bowls or vases.  We had to work with the clay to get the shape correct and then sculpt it to ensure it was stable and secure before adding the handles.


We are very proud of what we made and cannot wait to see what they look like after they have been fired and glazed.


Well done Hazel Class!