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Hazel Class have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greeks ...


Hazel Class have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greeks in their History lessons and starting to learn about some of the famous myths.  In Science we have just started studying the fascinating topic of Earth and Space.  Therefore, what a perfect way to combine the two subjects than in our visit to the Southend Museum and Planetarium!


For our visit, we were split into two groups.  One group visited the Planetarium first whilst the other group looked at the museum displays and answered questions about the different exhibits.  In the museum, it was great to be able to work collaboratively to answer the questions and find out about different periods of History.  We loved asking the volunteers, who worked there, different questions about their particular interests as well as using our identification and reasoning skills to find out the answers ourselves to the questions set on our trail sheet.


When we were in the Planetarium, we loved the opportunity to learn about the different planets and gain an understanding of how they compared with Earth.  This definitely helped our understanding and when we returned to school we had so much knowledge on our Solar System.  We were taught about some of the key constellations and how to “read the sky”.  It was fascinating to learn about some of the stories behind the constellations, which were told by the Ancient Greeks.  We learned about how these famous myths originated and how they have been passed down the generations.


As always, Hazel class were a pleasure to take on our school visit and thank you to all of the parents who accompanied us on our visit and helped with transport.


Enjoy stargazing everybody!