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Hazel Class had an amazing time at Stubbers earlier this week! 

Sensational Stubbers!

Hazel Class had an amazing time at Stubbers earlier this week!  It was a fabulous trip full of laughter, excitement, intrigue and friendship.  The visit is always action packed and this year was no different!  It was absolutely incredible! 


During the day, the children had the wonderful opportunity to try 9 different activities which were:



Raft building


All Terrain Boarding



High Ropes

Team Challenge


Each activity gave the children the opportunity to learn new skills, help and support each other and challenge themselves. They had so much fun and all of the adults who came with us on the trip loved seeing the children conquer their fears and challenge themselves.  Stubbers is such a superb experience for the children to push their own boundaries and learn a great deal about themselves and what they were capable of.  The children absolutely loved spending time with their friends and creating memories that will last a lifetime. 


Alongside the activities during the day, Stubbers is also about the evening experiences.  On the first night, the children had the choice between a Nature Walk, led by one of the Stubbers instructors which showed them the beautiful Stubbers surroundings and wildlife, or an evening game of football or cricket.  Each activity was fantastic and only had to come to an end due to the fading light!  Hot chocolate with marshmallows followed by a story was the best way to end the evening. 


One of the highlights of Stubbers has got to be the campfire!  The children have heard so much about it and have enjoyed learning and practising the songs at school.  However, nothing compares to sitting round a stunning roaring fire with all of their friends sharing their memories of Stubbers, eating toasted marshmallows and laughing and singing together.  It was truly magical and I know every single person, child and adult, will remember that moment forever.


Stubbers 2017 was such a success and I cannot praise the children enough for their attitude, behaviour, determination and kindness.  They were a pleasure to take and when I hear the Stubbers staff comment on how lovely the group are I can’t help but feel so proud of them.  I also want to thank all of the adults who accompanied us on our visit, Mr Lupton, Mrs Miles, Mrs Farrall, Mrs Potts and Mr Cunningham.  The trip would not have been such a success without them and their support. 


On return to school, we had so many smiles and laughs looking back at all of the photographs to remind us of our time together.  I know we will be talking about Stubbers for many, many months to come and reflecting on everything that we achieved.  Here is just a sample of the photos we took (over 1500!) but there will be more appearing on the website in the Year 5 Gallery very soon so keep checking back!


Thank you Hazel Class for a fantastic time and thank you to all of the parents who helped with the transport.


Go Team Hazel!