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Willow have been very creative over the past two weeks.

Willow have been very creative over the past two weeks. We have used clay to create masked that were inspired by our Maya research. Some have created festival masks inspired by animals, some masks will be bright and vibrant whereas some masks will eventually be quite plain because these were inspired by the death masks that the Maya used to be buried with.

Inspired by our art week theme of Pop art, we have also designed and painted our very own chocolate bar wrappers - again inspired by the Mayans discovery of chocolate! We have used the style of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol to create some pop art pictures! Willow have concentrated really hard to ensure that the artwork they produce is accurate and effective! I think you will agree that it has really paid off!

We also had a treat this week! Dynamix dance troop from Shoebury High came to perform for the school and we had a workshop after where we learnt a dance routine! It was great fun and the children really loved being taught by the troop. 


Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! 

Willow Class