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What a busy start to January we have had already!

What a busy start to January we have had already! Willow have thoroughly enjoyed being back and delving into our new challenges. 


To start off our science topic of electricity, we used Now Press Play to hear a story all about how to create appliances from everyday objects and it also exposed the importance of electricity. During discussions, it made us all realise how many appliances we use daily and without electricity, we would be rather bored! 


We also used Now Press Play to transport back in time to the Maya era. We were exposed to the day-to-day life of the Maya civilisation and helped us to understand their beliefs. We also discovered how vital the Maya were for the modern day items we are used to having. We truly thank the Maya for their discovery of chocolate! The children were amazed that they used to use it as a medicine! We did all start to feel quite poorly and wondered if ........... 


Have a wonderful weekend! Look forward to the next update!  


Willow Class