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What a fantastic time we have had in class!

What a fantastic time we have had in class! We have continued learning about the Battle of Hastings and finally finished our Bayeux Tapestry! It has made us realise the detail that went into the original creation which must have required extreme focus, concentration and determinations to complete.

In our science lessons, we have been learning all about our lungs. We considered how we could measure the capacity of our lungs. We realised that once we inhaled to fill our lungs, the oxygen oxygenates the blood and the carbon dioxide is then exhaled. We used balloons to compare our lung capacity. During our P.E. session, we then completed circuit training activities to analyse the impact of different exercise on the heart rate. We will be transferring our data into graphs so we can see the impact of exercise on our heart rate.

Have an awesome weekend! 

Willow Class