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willow's wonderful week!

Hello all and welcome to Willow's blog!

What a week we have had! We have started year six with a bang!

Our stand out moments this week have included: using the Bayeux Tapestry as a history stimulus to explore the events that occurred through the Battle of Hastings. This proved thoughts and questions about the reliability of the evidence and tempted us to dig deeper and question findings. It made us all realise that this was a valuable piece of evidence that gives us clues into what happened back in 1066 and why this major event happened! We have been so inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry that we are using it to develop and improve our sketching skills in an attempt to re-create a miniature version. The real Bayeux Tapestry is over 70 meters long!

Another memorable moment in our week was the family picnic. It was such a wonderful way to enjoy our lunch time with friends and family. The wind made picnicking an interesting challenge and only some food was lost in the process!