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Wow!  It is hard to believe the end of the year has arrived.  Hazel Class have had a fabulous year full of learning and fun.  

Wow!  It is hard to believe the end of the year has arrived.  Hazel Class have had a fabulous year full of learning and fun.  Looking back, I can’t quite believe how much we have packed in and how quickly the time has gone. It doesn’t seem that long ago that the children began their time in Year 5, ready and excited for their trip to Stubbers. 


The chilrdren have all worked so hard and made excellent progress both academically and socially.  They are definitely ready to move into Year 6 and face new and exciting challenges.  I am excited to see what they will produce in their final year with us at Bournes Green. 


I would like to thank you all for your kind words, support and encouragement you have shown us and the children this year.  From hearing the children read and helping with their homework, to accompanying us on our many school trips, you are such an integral part of Team Hazel and we are lucky to have you all.


The last couple of weeks have been, as always, action packed!  The children have loved working collaboratively on Maths problems, comparing the Lion King film with the sensational show they recently saw and, of course, taking part in the Swimming Sports.


It was wonderful to see so many of you attend our recent Brass Assembly.  The children were incredible and loved performing for you.  It is amazing what they can achieve in a year!  They have worked so hard in their lessons and I think they will really miss their Friday afternoons with Miss Pattenden.  I’m sure they will find it entertaining listening to the new Year 5 when they first pick up their chosen instrument and hearing their progress over the year!


The children always work hard in Hazel Class and I have very high expectations of them.  Seeing their huge pile of books appear in front of them ready for Open Evening was a very special moment.  I think it really hit home to them how much they had done and how much they have achieved this year.  You could sense the pride in the room when they compared their work from the start of the year to the standard they have now reached – it is remarkable!  We were all incredibly proud of our room at Open Evening and thank you so much to everyone who attended and for your lovely and kind words.  They do mean such a lot. 


So, as the last day of Year 5 draws to a close I would once again like to say a big thank you to every member of the class for making this year such a special one. I take with me so many happy memories.

Have a safe, relaxing and enjoying Summer and look forward to seeing the children walk through the gates ready and eager for the new term.


Thank you.

Mrs Wood