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Hazel Class have had a great couple of weeks witnessing new life enter the world! 

Hazel Class have had a great couple of weeks witnessing new life enter the world!  To tie in with our Science studies on life cycles, we had 10 fertilised eggs delivered to our classroom last Tuesday.  They were put in an incubator and we waited patiently for any signs of change.  We had learned that the egg tooth makes a whole in the shell and that the baby chick has to work incredibly hard to hatch itself out.  Our first sign that something was starting to happen was Tuesday evening when the first crack appeared.  Although we had to wait until Wednesday morning for our first baby chick to hatch.  It was such a wonderful things to witness.  During the course of Wednesday “Chick Watch” was definitely underway in Hazel Class with 5 other babies entering the world. 


When the Happy Chick Company delivered our eggs, they said it was unlikely that all of the eggs would hatch.  However, we were very hopeful when we saw cracks in the remaining 5 start to appear and we weren’t disappointed!  When I arrived back in school Thursday morning 3 more had hatched, leaving one more!  I was incredibly lucky to witness baby number 10 enter the world Thursday morning.  The children were delighted to hear the news that we had 10 baby chicks when they entered the classroom.


Over the course of Thursday, they were moved into the brooder box which had a lamp to keep them warm, food and water.  Their beautiful fur was so lovely to see and we soon learned that they were a very close group of baby chicks.  They would often sleep on top of each other and appear to communicate together.  It was fascinating to watch their little characters developing.


After a weekend trip to my house, the chicks returned on Monday.  The children were amazed by how much they had grown and how their feathers were starting to develop on their wings.  As they were now a little older, they were ready to be held.  The children took turns in handling the chicks.  They sat in a circle and let the chicks become familiar in their new environment.  Once again, it was obvious how close the group were.  All of the children had the opportunity to have a little cuddle and some of the chicks were very comfortable as they even fell asleep!


We loved our class pets for the week and we wish them a long and happy future!