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One of the highlights of Year 5 has got to be Friday afternoons and brass lessons! 


One of the highlights of Year 5 has got to be Friday afternoons and brass lessons!  All of the children in Year 5 learn a brass instrument as part of their music lessons under the expertise of Miss Pattendon.  Hazel Class have absolutely loved their first term of lessons and it is incredible what they have already achieved and we still have two terms worth of lessons to go!


The children’s brass lessons begin in September with Miss Pattendon selecting a brass instrument that she thinks will suit them best.  We have trumpets, cornets, euphoniums, tenor horns, French horns and trombones for the children to play.  The children spend the first couple of lessons trying to make a sound out of  the mouthpiece before putting it together with the instrument.  Over the following weeks the children then start to play notes and rhythms to get their ear attuned to the sound of the instrument before being given music to read and play as a group.  This is either done one group of instruments at a time or as the whole class brass band.


The children have developed so much confidence and often want to play solos in front of the rest of the group, which is amazing bearing in mind that the children hadn’t even picked up the instrument 3 months ago!  Brass lessons are always a highlight of my week too as I get to play the cornet alongside the children.  I love seeing and listening to them progressing with their music and coming together as a group.  I am very excited to hear their wonderful music once lessons resume after Christmas.  And don’t forget, we have our Summer concert to look forward to where we can entertain family and friends too!  We will inform you of the date once it has been announced!


On behalf of Hazel Class I would like to thank Miss Pattendon for her superb teaching and the Brass Monitors for getting our instruments ready for us at the start of each lesson.


Here are just a few photos from our most recent lesson and a group performance from our fabulous trombone players.  Enjoy!