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The chicks hatched in Hazel Class!

The Chicks Hatched in Hazel Class!


To link with our Science work on life cycles, Year 5 were very excited when 11 eggs arrived in the classroom last Tuesday.  Hazel Class could not wait to see what would happen after they were placed in the incubator.  During their second day with us, the first cracks were seen in the shells and we could hear tweeting sounds coming from inside the eggs.  When we arrived at school on Thursday morning we were so delighted to see 9 baby chicks had already hatched. They were at various stages of development and some still had their downy feathers whereas others were proudly showing off their fluffed up exterior!  They were transported into their next home leaving 2 eggs yet to hatch. We were hoping that all 11 would safely come into the world and, on Thursday, this is exactly what happened!  It was amazing to witness the chicks hatching out of their eggs.  When they had developed sufficiently and were all fluffy they could join the rest of the chicks in the brooder box.  They seemed delighted to be reunited!


Hazel Class have absolutely loved seeing our 11 fluffy chicks grow and mature. After a weekend stay with Miss Geary, they returned to school where the children welcomed them back eagerly!  They were delighted to be able to hold the chicks and see how much they had grown. They were very sociable animals and Hazel Class were superb when cradling them in their hands.


It has been wonderful having the chicks with us and we are going to miss them very much!


Miss Geary