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As part of our ‘Barmy Brits since 1066’ topic...

As part of our ‘Barmy Brits since 1066’ topic, we have been learning about medieval life and some of the weapons used during the (sometimes gruesome) battles. One of the most useful weapons used, when attacking the enemy, was the catapult. These were well designed, sturdy structures which were used to hurl and sling heavy, lethal stones in the direction of their opposition. Scary!

 This week, Year 6 had a go at making their own miniature versions, choosing 1 of 3 designs! We can’t wait to test them out!

Here is Jack and Lucy’s rundown of how they made their catapults:

“We used lollipop sticks and bull dog clips. You need to stick one lollipop stick (using a glue gun) on top of another one and then repeat with two more sticks. Next, take both glued pairs of sticks and stick them together in the shape of a T. Then glue a bulldog clip on the end of the stalk of the T. Finally, glue another 2 lollipop sticks together and stick them on top of the bulldog clip, leave them to dry and you are done!”

Check out our photos to see the different designs!