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After successfully completing SATs week, Year 6 set off for the Isle of Wight on Monday 21st May. 


After successfully completing SATs week, Year 6 set off for the Isle of Wight on Monday 21st May. We had an excellent time and Year 6 represented Bournes Green superbly throughout the week.


Following a smooth coach journey, we boarded the ferry from Southampton and before we knew it, we had arrived on the island and were greeted with blue skies and sunshine. Lots of us were surprised to find it was a larger place than we had imagined! We were also treated to beautiful scenic views in every direction as the coach made its way along the winding paths and hills.

Our first stop was Amazon World, where we saw an amazing array of weird and wonderful creatures! Some of our favourites were the red pandas, meerkats, penguins and sloths, to name but a few! One of the most memorable moments was walking through the lemur enclosure, where it’s fair to say some us got up close and personal with our new furry friends… some of them made themselves comfortable on our heads and shoulders!

Once we had arrived at the hotel, unpacked and eaten dinner, we headed for a stroll down to the local beach in Sandown as the sun set.


The following day was action-packed and started with a visit to Dinosaur Isle, where we found out about and saw a range of fossils that had been discovered on the Isle of Wight. With our newfound expertise, we then set off to Compton Beach, where we were joined by Oliver, a palaeontologist, who helped us find and identify different types of fossils. We found fossilised bones, footprints and even poo!

From there we headed to Alum Bay, where we were soon able to see the iconic and very impressive Needles rocks from a distance. We visited the sand shop, where we saw sands of every colour and some of us filled a souvenir glass to take home. After that, we visited the sweet factory, where we watched a fascinating demonstration of the treats being made before our eyes. We even got to try one afterwards! We moved swiftly on to see a glass blowing demonstration, where we could feel the heat from the furnace on our faces!

Last but not least, we walked down a steep flight of steps to the shore of Alum Bay, where we boarded a boat. It was a perfect day to be at sea and our trip took us up close to the Needles and lighthouse, along the coast and to our final destination, Yarmouth. Stunning views surrounded us and we learnt lots of interesting facts about the island along the way.


Another brilliant day! We started at Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s palatial holiday home, where we toured the impressive rooms and gained a real insight to her life. We saw everything from the grand dining room where she ate with her guests, to her own private bathroom. We then took a walk down to her private beach, where there was a breath-taking view out to sea. The Swiss Cottage and Ice House were next on our list. We really could not believe that all of this amazing land and its buildings were just used as a holiday retreat! An incredible and very interesting place indeed.

Our day was not over yet and we made our way to Godshill Model Village, where we saw lots of miniature building, people, modes of transport and much more. The attention to detail was amazing!

The evening was spent at the local cinema, where we the place to ourselves, and we watched ‘A Wrinkle in Time.’


Carisbrooke Castle was our next stop, where we learnt that over the years, it had been a fortress, a prison and a royal residence. We walked around the grounds, visiting the donkeys, gardens, church, museum and making our way around the castle walls. The history of the castle was very interesting and the views from the walls spanned far across the island.

We then arrived at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, where we toured the grounds, watched a film about the history of the railway line and then made ourselves comfortable on the train in separate carriages. During our journey, we enjoyed the sights, chatted, wrote diaries, played games and shared some sweet treats!

Next it was DISCO time! We had great fun dancing, singing and playing games with Disco Daz! A fantastic night was had by all.



After a lie in, we tucked into our final cooked breakfast and packed our bags ready to go home. We had some fresh air and another stroll down to the beach before setting off. Several hours on the coach, and a ferry in between, brought us home in time for tea!

What a trip! We had a wonderful week and we are now back for the rest of our final term at Bournes Green! Lots more fun in store!