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What a great night this was for our community back in 2017...



Thanks to Mr. Wingfield for this fantastic video!

It really does captures how much fun we had celebrating our 50th Anniversary here at BGJS!

Thanks as always to our fantastic PA and to all other volunteers for their time and support. We couldn't have done it without you!


Please find below our latest Road Safety video. The children really enjoyed making it.








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    Published 11/06/21

    To celebrate and showcase the learning that was developed throughout the Hola Mexico project, our awesome Year 6 held a (social distanced in bubbles) Mexican festival. In their Houses, the children organised their tribes so that they had a leader, performers and musicians.  To immerse themselves into the history of the Maya, they created headdresses, wore clothing and created props to represent the culture. Invitations were written to the whole school, so they could come and celebrate with them. There was even a sacrifice to the Gods to ensure that the sun still shone on BGJS! 

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    Published 09/03/21

    All of our class bubbles completed a Little Red Riding Hood Walkthrough Experience in our outdoor wooded area on Monday. There were plenty of clues and surprises to help inspire our writers with their varied approaches this week. Not to mention the screams, when the wolf made an appearance! It's so good to be back. 

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    Published 23/02/21

    We are delighted to hear that all of our BGJS children are able to come back to school on Monday 8th March. As usual, Mr Lupton will write to everyone to let them know all necessary information regarding timings, gates etc. It will be amazing to all be back together again!

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    Published 19/01/21

    A BIG hello to all of our amazing pupils! Remember to join your teacher and classmates for the live 'Wakey Wakey' meetings each day before watching your Maths and English video lessons. There are plenty of foundation lessons for you all to complete as well in class pages, home learning pages on this website for each year group.

    Most importantly, remember that we are proud of you so keep smiling, do what you can and keep going. You're great! 

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    Published 31/12/20

    Sending best wishes to our BGJS community for 2021!

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    Published 17/12/20

    We hope that everyone enjoys a great Christmas with loved ones and we look forward to a fantastic 2021 together! Thank you so much for your ongoing support. BGJS

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    Published 27/10/20

    The Executive  Team, which includes all HTs, was involved in the decision we made regarding the School Gate Campaign. Some parents have expressed their support and others have not. This apparently mirrors the response the LA is getting across Southend schools.  We cannot police such an emotive initiative as I am sure you will recognise.

    Thank you for your continued support during this time.

    SECAT Executive Team

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    Published 12/10/20

    We are excited to announce that we are hosting our first ever Heroes Week! Following on from our work as a school on Black History Month, as well as the Diversity and Equality Training we recently completed as a staff as part of our September INSET Days, we have devised this new inclusive and celebratory week of learning.

    The aims of the week are as follows:

    • To celebrate all types of hero
    • To share personal experiences
    • To relate to all pupils to create personalised and relevant content
    • To celebrate and explore different ethnicities, races, genders as part of a celebration of all heroes
    • To create links wherever possible to current Cornerstones topics to make learning meaningful and allow pupils to create connections in their learning beyond Heroes Week

    This week will contribute to our continued focus on Equality and Diversity as a school, as well as form the first event on our 2020-21 Equality and Diversity Map, which enables us to regularly reflect on how inclusive our curriculum is overall and how we can continually add to this so that every child in our school sees themselves in our curriculum.

    Throughout the week, pupils will cover key areas such as ‘What is a Hero?’ and ‘Groups of Heroes’. Each year group will also focus on 3 additional chosen Heroes in a range of contexts. To help with this, we would very much appreciate you speaking to your child(ren) at home about who they consider to be their hero and why

    Also, for your information, we have also conducted an audit of school resources/books to ensure that there is a range of cultures/ethnicities being represented in our texts at school. The result of this is that whilst we feel we do have many inclusive books in school, we are looking at ways to maximise this through investing in a range of additional inclusive texts for our school library and class book corners.

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    Published 22/09/20

    Our Year 4 and 6 have been completing their Bikeability lessons recently. Our children seem to really enjoy getting out in the fresh air and learning more about how to keep themselves safe when riding.

    Furthermore, we intend to create opportunities for Bike Support lessons later in the academic year to try and support some of our individual pupils further.

    Well done everyone.

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    Published 16/09/20

    With many churches in our community still closed and educational establishments unable to celebrate Harvest Festival in the normal way, Bournes Green Schools have come together to organise a contactless food collection. Harvest is an important time of year for many charities who rely on the donations of non-perishable foods to support people in crisis. It is essential that they are restocked as they move into a period of exceptionally high levels of need.

    Our Bournes Green Schools are supporting three local charities (One Love Soup Kitchen, SVP - Short Street Shelter and the Southend Foodbank) who help some of the most vulnerable in our town.

    You will be able to leave donations of food and toiletries at one of our contactless donation stations on Friday 18th September (full details on the flyer). If you are isolating or would prefer to donate cash then please consider making a donation to the Southend Foodbank (you can gift aid to increase your donation by 25%):

    If you are a member of a local church or community group and would like to organise a contactless collection, helpful guidance can be found through this link

    As always, thank you for your support and for helping to make a difference.

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    Published 02/09/20

    We are back and it is fantastic to see and hear all of our children enjoying BGJS again! Thank you to everyone for their support and patience throughout.  

    A reminder that a tweaked, most recent version of our full Risk Assessment (following latest government guidance) and COMMUNITY document can be found on our website in the normal place, STAYING CONNECTED, *RETURN TO SCHOOL page.

    As we continue along our road back to normal school life, things will be different but we are totally committed to looking after our brilliant pupils as we make them feel comfortable, happy and safe. We are embracing this challenge as we have a clear, consistent and effective approach prepared to support well-being and academic progress, so we are confident that 2020/21 will be another successful year at BGJS.

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    Published 20/07/20

    During the past couple of weeks, we have created an ‘End of Term’ video for you all. We hope it will make you smile. 

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