Bournes Green Junior School

Strength through Wisdom




At Bournes Green Junior School we understand the vital importance of teaching mathematics as a communication tool.  Mathematics, alongside English language, is a cornerstone of our learning. We believe it is our duty to equip all children with the necessary skills to perform at a high level and to be able to transfer these skills to daily life.  Our aim is that children become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, reason mathematically by using correct mathematical terminology and justification and can also apply their work to solve problems.

At Bournes Green Junior School, all pupils have a daily one hour lesson of Mathematics.  Children in Years 3, 4 and 5 are taught their Mathematics based on the New Curriculum (2014) whereas the current Year 6 are still being taught the old curriculum and this is what they will be tested on at the end of KS2 (2015).  The content for the New Curriculum is structured into year groups and children it is the Government’s expectation that children will move through the content at broadly the same pace. The yearly overviews for each year group can be found below.

Despite, each year group having clear expectations, we understand the importance of being flexible and teaching what the children require. Therefore, all of our lessons are clearly differentiated to meet the needs of all pupils. We also understand the importance of transferring the skills learned to a variety of different contexts.  This may involve solving more sophisticated problems, using the outdoor environment, and applying our skills in different curriculum areas. As part of their lessons, children regularly hold mathematical discussions where they are encouraged and expected to use correct mathematical vocabulary.  Children often work collaboratively and are given the opportunity to use a range of practical equipment to support and develop their understanding.

Mathematics has a high profile within our school and we have several approaches to ensure this focus is maintained. This includes an annual Mathematics week, which is always a thoroughly enjoyable event! To start the transition process we also involve the Year 2 children and teaching staff. The children also take part in the biannual World Maths Day, which always creates an exciting buzz around the school!

Bournes Green Junior School we encourage parental support and parents are updated weekly with what the children are going to be covering in their lessons. They are also given possible homework activities as well as regular Mathematics homework using MyMaths.  We also appreciate that many of our children will wish to sit the 11+ examination at the start of Year 6 and we provide the children with the opportunity to work on these style questions as well as preparing them for the end of Key Stage Two assessments.

We believe Mathematics is integral to life and it is our mission to make it as fun and worthwhile as possible for the children at Bournes Green Junior School!