Bournes Green Junior School

Strength through Wisdom



At our school, Literacy is taught daily for one hour, based around different genres. The children study a wide range of texts including fiction, information, instructions, poetry and reports. These are used as the basis for lessons in which we study speaking, listening, drama, reading and writing including sentence structure, grammar and punctuation.

Pupils are encouraged to improve their writing by working through ‘child-friendly’ targets which are stuck into their books. We are using Alan Peat’s ‘Writing Exciting Sentences’ book to give children ideas on how to make their writing more interesting for the reader. So if your child tells you about a ‘BOYS,’ a ‘De:De,’ or ‘2A’ sentence, please ask them to explain to you what it is and what language they should include!

During topic lessons, children can use these literacy skills to produce written pieces of work, based around the foundation subjects such as Geography and History. We write something every day and vary the amount of support children receive in order to encourage independence.

Children participate in a group reading session weekly, where they share a book or passage, usually linked to their Literacy lesson. We encourage pupils to look for basic information in the text, talk about their opinions, considering what is not said but is implied. We search for examples of ambitious punctuation or sentence structure, questioning the author’s viewpoint and how this may influence our own.  Children may also read individually, with a variety of adults, as we believe that regular reading is the key to improving all elements of Literacy and can impact upon the whole Curriculum.

The medium term plans, that we base our lessons around, are below. At the beginning of the year, teachers may decide to alter the order as certain text types might lend themselves to different topics and so are taught alongside those.