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In the past two weeks we have been busy in Birch class finishing our ID topic...


In the past two weeks we have been busy in Birch class finishing our ID topic and launching our new one... Gallery Rebels. The topic is all about art and we began by turning our classroom into a gallery space and looking at artwork. Then we discussed what we liked and disliked, and the reasons why. The topic has continued this week by looking at the different art movements of the 20th century, researching famous artists associated with each movement and the techniques they have used. In addition, we have looked at the science of colour by undertaking an investigation using chromatography to see what black ink is comprised of. Many of members of Birch were surprised by the results, did you know that it contains a mixture of shades of blue and purple? Have a look at the photos to see our results. In English we have started on our class text 'Kensuke's Kingdom' and have enjoyed the first few chapters that we have read. It has given us inspiration in our writing and we have written a balanced argument discussing the question 'Should Michael Sail Around the World?' Ask your child what they think and why? Is the experience of a lifetime worth risking your life on the ocean in a small sailing boat... What do you think? 


Have a great half term!


Mr Sykes & Birch Class